May 01, 2012

One of my dearest friends is getting married in 11 days (Holy F!). We've been friends for almost four years now - we worked side by side for two of those years, and have since made time for Friday dinners, fancy breakfasts, morning hikes, and one ill-fated landscaping attempt. One of my favorite memories from our friendship so far comes from one of the most traumatic nights of my romantic life. She picked me up and drove me to the top of Los Angeles, where we looked down on the lights of the city, knowing I would be more at peace if we had a view. She let me cry, she let me make large, sweeping proclamations that I would soon after contradict. She made me laugh. And when I had enough of the crying and enough of the view, she took me for frozen yogurt. A Perfect Friend.

Next week, I'll fly to New York and drive to Boston to watch her get hitched to the man of her dreams. I can't wait.

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