February 25, 2012

a million bucks

i had a long night at work, but kicked the day off with a badass hang with my friend Hannah. Hannah's the most amazing stylist - i never, ever, ever, liked a thing about my hair until i was introduced to her. she's pint-sized perfection; hip, gorgeous and full of inspiration. i knew when i emailed her last week, "i'm coming in on Friday, i think i want to chop my hair off.. i don't know..", that she'd know exactly what to do with me and my vague desires. i couldn't have imagined it would feel so good.

if you find yourself in LA or Nashville, Hannah works out of Serge Normant and Parlour & Juke (which looks like the coolest place ever.. barber shop/salon/music venue? yes please! can't wait to visit).

February 22, 2012

pimpin' things

i have a few minor "grown up" projects on my slate. my brand new bedroom is waiting patiently for a hanging swing shelf lined with airplants. my brand new patio is looking forward to a wild flower garden and some string lights (and then friends, and wine, and dinner parties). the wall behind our tv in the living needs some spackling and painting (no fun).

and my camera is about to get a big girl bag and this gorgeous, sailor's knot inspired strap.


February 21, 2012

a monday

with school starting and my role at work evolving, a morning off has turned into A Rare Thing. 

breakfast at milo + olive, with girls from home and one of their roommates.
the venice canals.

February 15, 2012

in love & ombre

yesterday was full of good friends, great food, and so much god damn love. highlights include the macarons at bottega louie, a steve urkel sighting, and a bromantic dinner with two great girls at vito's. the lowlight of the day was missing the wonderful wendy wang's performance at the mint. her music is heart-breakingly beautiful.

playlist: things fall apart by the sweet hurt.

the world, below

 from august to december 2007, i worked on the mv explorer. along with 195 other crew members and 690 passengers, i circumnavigated the globe. i spent time in vietnam (my favorite), istanbul, egypt, croatia and more. i spent a lot of time by myself, trying to figure out what it meant - to be just out of college, moments away from moving across the country and entering "the real world", yet stuck on this moving, living, breathing ship of possibilities. of wonder. of adventure.

now, i live in los angeles, one block from the beach. not such a bad trade.  i'm still trying to figure "everything" out. i think that's what life is for. i'm still searching for all the possibilities. all the wonder. the adventure.

if you want to read about my travels, i'd start at the beginning. four and a half years ago.