March 16, 2012

the weekend (feb 26 & 27), f. Parallel Print Shop

in june, my friends Karintha & Double are getting married on a beautiful ranch in annapolis, california - i'll be doing the day-of coordination. i flew up to marin county at the end of februray to plan, brainstorm and visit the ranch with them. the sick logistics lover in me had a blast pinpointing exactly what details need to be fretted over now (and which should be fretted over later), and that sick logistics lover in me is actually looking forward to doing all the fretting on KT & Double's behalf. 

the highlight of the weekend for me (as paper/design nerd and someone who admires artists who create a business around their passions) was meeting Monika & Nate and visiting their letterpress studio. this husband-wife team is hilarious, talented and generous - a one-two-three punch that moves them pretty quickly up the list of People I Dig. i dig them, deeply. 

Parallel Print Shop is committed to using the most earth-friendly materials and practices in their studio. i loved learning about their rescued inks - every single canister on this shelf was rescued from a closed studio that was planning to throw them away.

Nate demonstrated how both of their printing presses work - watching him man the Heidelberg felt like traveling through time.

Parallel Print Shop is planning to team up with Nicely Noted - a subscription service that Monika's college friend dreamed up. it's brilliant - subscribe to Nicely Noted and you'll receive three gorgeous, handmade cards each month, carefully curated by Austin-based Perry Nelson. i got my first three cards last week. so thrilled to see what's next! (if you want to subscribe, use invitation code PARALLEL).

March 05, 2012

the moments

i'm in school right now for photography. my goal is to be shooting weddings by june 2013. there are a lot of reasons why i'm drawn to photography, and to weddings, to photo-journalism. for me, it's about my love for story-telling, for true love (romantic & familial), for beauty and for pain, and ultimately, my love for honesty and reality.

i just stumbled across moment junkie, a blog dedicated to the little Life moments in between the big Wedding moments. this is why.

March 01, 2012

painfully adorable

had an epic girls night last night, starring tasty veg lasagna, magnolia bakery's banana pudding, and woolbuddies. they slay me. 

 l-r: baaron, smelli, smirky & happy. not pictured: madge, the hottest geriatric crocodile in town.

 wendy wins! first to finish.