May 25, 2012

CoLab, part one

Back in Los Angeles after two incredible weeks away.

I'll start from the end of the trip and work my way backwards from there.

Sunol, California. CoLab 2012. Maddie (Hart & Sol West), Emily (Emily Takes Photos) and Jonas Seaman (like a sailor) hosted a handful of photographers at various stages in our careers at Maddie's real, live pony farm. (Ok, it's not hers per say, but she lives on it, and it's bananas).

I flew from New York to LA on Sunday, hopped in my car at 5pm and spent the next seven hours driving up to Fremont.

We spent the first day talking about building a photography business, about art and resistance, about discovering and cultivating the soul of a creative small business. We also photographed an adorable couple whose love for each other had its own presence - cast a warm, safe shadow around them as they experienced the absurdity that is posing for 10 photographers. While three of them are trying to teach the others tips & tricks. On a pony farm.


Emily Takes Photos said...

I love the mood in these!

melissa leighe said...

thank you!