February 15, 2012

the world, below

 from august to december 2007, i worked on the mv explorer. along with 195 other crew members and 690 passengers, i circumnavigated the globe. i spent time in vietnam (my favorite), istanbul, egypt, croatia and more. i spent a lot of time by myself, trying to figure out what it meant - to be just out of college, moments away from moving across the country and entering "the real world", yet stuck on this moving, living, breathing ship of possibilities. of wonder. of adventure.

now, i live in los angeles, one block from the beach. not such a bad trade.  i'm still trying to figure "everything" out. i think that's what life is for. i'm still searching for all the possibilities. all the wonder. the adventure.

if you want to read about my travels, i'd start at the beginning. four and a half years ago.

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