November 03, 2007


Two nights ago I left the Halloween party, took a quick shower, and proceeded to the gagnway with 9 of my favorite coworkers to take a sunrise tour at the pyramids in Giza. ETD – 3am.

We got to the pyramids just as the sun rose- you drive through them first, there’s a long road that snakes through two of the big three and brings you up to this hill. That’s where all of the souvenirs are sold. There were already 3 buses full of SAS students watching the sunrise. Gorgeous. It just us and them – about 60 total – it was amazing to be there without a million tourists and to kind of have the place to ourselves.

I got on a camel with this kid named Ahmed. I totally overpaid for a 45 minute ride, but whatever, you’re only at the pyramids once in your life, right? (Actually, I have to go back because like an idiot I never actually touched them or sat on them or anything). It was unreal. To circle the pyramids and the Sphinx on this huge, gorgeous camel (not quite the sad story camels from Israel) – was awesome. Really just seeing something I know has been there for thousands of years, built by people whose lives were so different, so storied, so legendary... Made me feel very small in a very good way.

I’ll post photos before Istanbul.

<3 MR

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