October 11, 2007


So we’re currently anchored of the coast of Singapore, I think for fueling but I’m not really sure. We left Thailand 3 days ago and will get into India on the 15th.

For me, Thailand was less than exciting – I was on this travel high coming from Vietnam (I’m already planning my trip back) and Thailand was a bit of a downer. It has everything to do with where we were, but this was the first time that I was totally unable to go where I wanted to because of my job. The closest area was Pattaya, which is this seedy beach city by day and this extremely seedy hedonist capital of the East by night. We went to a drag show that was surprisingly very PG – actually kind of boring.. it’s got nothing on the SU 2007 show… We also went to an elephant park, but NOT the gorgeous beautiful nature preserve we were supposed to – the taxi driver we got didn’t know where he was going.. the resort wound up being pretty – beautiful gardens, and there was a cultural show with dancing and martial arts that was amazing.. but the elephant ride was kind of pointless and the elephant SHOW just made me sad.

I’m really looking forward to India – two of my friends’ families are coming to Chennai so we will all go out to big delicious dinners and dancing and my life will become a Bollywood movie. Also this kid Ally & I met in Barcelona (Mr. Benemore, world traveler) is POSSIBLY leaving Dubai and heading over to meet me for a fancy lunch, since he knows how much Mixie misses Ellie!

In more hilarious news, word has spread that I went to Syracuse.. the most frequent question is “oh my god, did you know that girl who wrote smashed?” but my favorite has been from Josh, a kid from AZ who went to SU until sophomore year and then transferred. After talking about majors, he asked if I knew Jonny Umansky. He broke out his best Jonny impression – “Hey, I’m Jonny Umansky. I make movies!”

Lastly – thank you everyone who has left comments, emailed me, etc.. it’s so great to hear from you guys. I’m trying my best to get back to everyone in the next few weeks, but every time I use the internet while we’re sailing it’s because I’m sneaking on at work (I don’t get internet in my room anymore, and either way its insanely expensive, which is why I try to only use a few minutes at a time). I won’t have internet for the next several days, but I hope to take a few hours in India or Egypt and finally upload pictures, email everyone, etc. So thank you, love you, and pleaaaaase keep emailing me I love it.

<3 MR


Anonymous said...

Heyy Missy

So good to talk to you this morning. There is always a down side in traveling, but I am sorry this country was not available to you!
Your insight is grand and I get so much understanding from your descriptions.
Being part of SU has its benefits ,huh??
I hope your dinner and lunches are grand and fun and I hope your world travler friend does come to meet you!!!
The 15th is soon...
I love you so much

Anonymous said...